2nd Year Semester II Examination – March/April 2023 – Request for Re-Corrections

The semester results of the 2nd year Semester II examination – March / April 2023 have been sent to your individual email accounts.

As per UGC Circular No.978, students who wish to request for re-scrutinization of Marks and Grades, are requested to deposit Rs.500/= per course/subject to the following account and submit the clear scanned copy/e-version of the appropriate application and payment proof to ar@tec.rjt.ac.lk on or before 09.10.2023 (within 14 days from the date of results released).

Account Number – 82007506
Bank – BOC, Mihinthale
Account Holder – Faculty of Technology, RUSL

The subject of the Email should be “RE-SCRUTINIZATION OF MARKS AND GRADES – Second Year Second Semester“.